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The Luxurious Side Of The Sri Lankan Coin

Theres always 2 sides to a coin, and the second side of the Sri Lankan coin is pretty shiny. Even in gloomy monsoon weather you'll find the sun is optional for a relaxing, pool, beach, resort getaway.

The Shangrila Hambantota Golf & Spa Resort definitely ticks all the boxes down the long luxury list most people have.

Recently opened in 2016 the hotel & its facilities are brand spanking new. That includes 3 pools, 2 of which are infinity pools to get you that killer profile picture, and one kids pool with some water slides which if I may so, are extremely fun, even for us adults.

The resort has 5 different restaurants to satisfy everybody's hunger cravings & in my opinion, the highest quality food available on the island. In addition to the multiple culinary experiences available there are numerous activities throughout the day all around the resort to keep you busy.

- Daily Pool Aerobics class

- 24 hour gym

- Trapeze acrobatic swings (with instructors for all levels)

- Trampolining

- Video Game rooms

- Game room (table tennis, billiard, air hockey)

- Spa (Offering endless services for all)

- Beach Volleyball

- 18/9 Hole Golf courses

- Kids play areas

- Bicycle routes around the resort

The hotel also arranges for sport tournaments and group activities at specific times of the day to always have at least one thing going on in the resort (Schedule provided in-room).

To cut it short it is extremely hard to find something that is not available in this 5-star hotel resort, making it one of, if not THE most relaxing luxurious destination hotels in Sri Lanka.

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