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Arriving In The Under-Rated Paradise Island Of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka in my opinion is one of the most under-rated jewels of the Indian Ocean. Maybe its because its not too far from main land Asia, or maybe its because it's surrounded by other better known paradise islands like the Indonesian islands, Seychelles, Mauritius, Christmas & Cocos (Keeling) Islands or even the infamous Maldives.

In the past decades only, Sri Lanka has been devastated by the 2004 tsunami in addition to the long continuous civil war since 1983 until 2009. However, in the recent years Sri Lankans' have been able to really concentrate their efforts on the development of their naturally beautiful country.

It's a perfect time to go visit Sri Lanka. It's in the midst of development, allowing tourists to really have the best of both worlds. Speaking from experience, you can backpack across the entire island, staying in multiple different Air Bnb's or local small hotel type places without breaking the bank. But if that type of holiday is not for you then you can check yourself into more luxurious resorts and pamper yourself with some platinum level infinity pools, private beaches & quality spas.

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