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A Nature Filled Day at Singapore's finest Zoo, River Safari & Night Safari

It may not have been wildlife in their most natural habitat but its the closest thing you'll ever get to it...Singapore really pulled out all the stops to make these parks a reality.

All 3 parks are within 5 minutes walking distance of each other and each park seems to get bigger and better...

Starting the morning visits with the Singapore Zoo, was the logical choice as the Zoo has multiple different shows happening throughout the park at different times starting at 10:00am, from the sea lion acrobatic show to the bird show and finally the elephants demonstration.

On the way to these shows you have more than enough time to appreciate the nature around you, just keep an eye out for the monkeys swinging around the trees, freely roaming around the park (Don't worry they are harmless!).

The Zoo has an incredible variety of mammals, reptiles, birds and insects. Can you believe they even have a gigantic polar bear! Who, if isn't sleeping, is swimming around the ice cold water or just relaxing on the bed of icy cold snow.

The Zoo should easily take you around 4-5 hours & there are many food options located in the middle of the park where you can make a pit-stop for lunch and to recharge your batteries.

Once the Zoo was done and dusted, the River Safari was the next stop. This park has a vast diversity of marine life, which as a diver was my personal favourite. However thats not the only thing that makes this River safari special, there was the calm and serene boat ride which takes you around the lake with spectacular views & then came the signature activity, which was the obvious "river safari". Another slow moving boat that moves inside an enclosure filled with other animals that haven't yet been seen.

Finally was the night safari, the first and only available night safari in the world. A very impressive park however the only criticism would have to be how crowded it gets as it opens at 7pm. The queue to get onto a safari train is ridiculously long, however on the bright side the staff kept everything moving so that time went by quickly and before you knew it, you were about to start your journey around the park.

The night safari really is an adventure, you can enjoy it from the train that drives you around the entire park allowing you to appreciate it all, however for the more adventurous there is the option to get down and walk through a majority of the park. I definitely recommend taking the time to get off the train and walk around to try find some animals in the darkness. It's not something you do everyday.

By the end of the night you are going to be sore in the legs and feet but you will have had an experience like no other!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did...!


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