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Sri Lanka's Wonders Do Not Stop Above The Surface But Continue Underneath...

As a passionate diver, snorkeller & underwater explorer, I was extremely keen to find out whether Sri Lanka's beauty was limited to land or did it also venture underwater...

I took a deep breath and submersed myself at the crossroads between the Bay of Bengal & The Indian Ocean, also known as Pigeon Island National Park. What I found was breath taking, not only because I barely had a breath to take as I was already underwater but because of the coral reef that surrounds Pigeon Island.

It was a very unexpected surprise as the island & its beaches were oddly popular with the locals and non divers. There were more people with their heads above water than under it, which made me question if there was really something below the surface that I had not seen else where.

Once you pushed through the crowd and got into the water, it was a diver's dream. The coral reef was extremely active and very much alive. From a wide variety of fish species to stunningly beautiful corals. The patterns and colour combinations were endless with movement in all directions.

If you are as passionate about diving as I am then you could easily spend the day here snorkelling, scuba diving or even free diving.

However, make sure to explore both sides of the island. When we first arrived we crossed over to the opposite side from where the boats arrive as this was where the crowd was but little did we know right next to where the arrivals were there was another coral reef which was less crowded and in my opinion where the real action was.

This side of the island's reef was populated by blacktip sharks and turtles along with other species of fish. These sharks are relatively small and not interested in human interaction so there is no need to be afraid. This was a special moment for me as it was the first time I free dive with sharks in open water. Even if you are not a passionate diver you can still appreciate the beauty and presence of this creature. It gave me a very privileged feeling to be able to witness such a thing.

Highly recommend this excursion if you are visiting the Eastern Province of Trincomalee in Sri Lanka. Only 20 minute boat ride from the main land. Well worth it.

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