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Singapore's Gardens By The Bay

One of Singapore's most picturesque attractions has to be the Gardens by the Bay, also rated the #1 thing to visit in Singapore.

The 3 major must-see's at the Gardens are the 2 great domes (Flower Dome & Cloud Forest Dome) and the Supertree grove.

The cloud forest dome has 2 stops that you do not want to miss. First, as soon as you walk in you will be greeted by the World's Tallest Indoor Waterfall, a 35-metre water drop with a wide variety of vegetation all around. Secondly, at the top of the waterfall look both down on the "mountain views" and looking across to the well known five starred, 3 towered hotel, Marina Bay Sands.

The Flower dome is a combination of the different flowers and trees that can be found around the world. In my opinion, the mediterranean area was particularly beautiful.

Lastly the Supertree Grove, something that was taken out of the Avatar movie, something completely out of this world, I recommend visiting this part of the Gardens in the evening for show. The show is a union between music & lighting, a very impressive display of colourful lights moving to the rhythm of the beat...

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