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The State of Fun In The Lion City (Singapore)

Sentosa Island is literally the capital city of "fun-ville". With activities for absolutely all audiences. You could easily plan a visit to Singapore just to stay on this island and not venture into the city.

Not having all the time in the world made me have to limit myself to only spending half a day at Sentosa which was a crime! Keeping that in mind I selected to do the Mega Adventure Park that included the thrilling zip-line.

Travelling at 60mph at 75m above the ground for 450m was itself worth the trip to the State of Fun, so I honestly cannot imagine what it would've been like if I had the luxury of spending the entire week here...

Secondly the sky ride to the highest point of the island was a definite must which really allows you to take in the views of both the nature on the island and the south china sea. Once at the top you can head along to the legendary Merlion.

A 37m tall mythical creature, cross between a lion and a guardian fish. The statue itself is majestically looking over & guarding Singapore. Plus it poses well in a selfie...!

If you have the luxury of time, I would suggest you check out the following other attractions:

- Universal Studios Singapore

- Adventure Cove Waterpark

- Fort Siloso Skywalk

- Sentosa 4D Adventureland

- Royal Albatross

Alternatively you can just stay at your hotel on Sentosa and enjoy some pool & spa quality time or even head down to the beach. You don't always need to be active and exploring to enjoy yourself!

Whatever your choices are...I guarantee you'll have fun!

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