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Hitting The Viking Shores Running

Iceland was the furthest north I had ever been. One extremely important thing to consider when travelling to Iceland is time.

I mean time in a couple of different contexts, I mean the amount of time you will have with daylight each day and I also mean the time it takes to travel from one side of the island to another. These two factors are key to having a successful trip.

In January, which was when I was there, daylight is almost as rare as seeing whales (you'll get what I mean a little further below). There was only approximately 4 hours of daylight each day which really limited the number of site seeing trips we could do on a daily basis.

Our first day we had the whale expedition, which sounds a lot more interesting that it actually was. We set out on a boat for about 3 hours in search of the biggest creatures on earth. At the very start the guide informed us all that nothing is guaranteed, but he'd do his very best to make it happen...Not sure if he made some calls or what he even meant but at least we were assured that he would try.

After about 2 and a half hours of riding the waves, we were blessed with the presence of some white tailed dolphins. It boosted moral on the ship but too little too late we were headed back to shore after a whale size fail of an expedition.

Whale watching can be a hit or miss. If you are feeling lucky and don't have any issues with sea sickness then I definitely recommend you trying your luck, as the struggle will be well worth it the moment you see the jet of water sprayed into the air signaling whale presence!

Whale Watching Ship

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