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Kempinski in Amman, Jordan

Jordan is a country filled with historical and touristic sites. Yes, it may not have the most nature and wildlife in the world but it has its own Jordanian gems.

As unfortunate as it is to come to such a country and not be able to explore, it will only drive me to come back for a longer touristic visit.

On this trip my jail cell was called the Kempinski Hotel, and it wasn't a bad prison to be stuck in. Spending most of my time at the hotel, I found it to be filled with things that you would not expect from the simple looking exterior design of the building.

The health club was where I spent most of my evenings with a pretty good gym as far as hotel gym standards go. After working up a sweat I had a few different options to consider:

- Outdoor pool

- Jacuzzi with massaging water jets

- Steam room

- Sauna

You know what they say...when in doubt.... just enjoy all of them! That's certainly what I did.

As far as dining & entertainment goes, The Kempinski Hotel is well equipped, having 6 different dining options which also have their own entertainment from live music, to a bowling alley, billiard tables & darts boards, in addition to all the TV screens in the sports bar if you ever feel like getting worked up and watching a sports match...

Overall the hotel was a surprise. A good surprise, plus the staff have that Jordanian charm, making them very welcoming, friendly & helpful.

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