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Shweihat Island, the unspoiled & underappreciated destination of the UAE.

The best trips are the spur of the moment ones. Applying the same logic when it comes to finding destinations, the unforgettable ones are the ones you find out of the blue.

Leaving at 05:00am we had a general idea that we were headed south-west for a maximum of 5 hours, if we hadn't found anything by then, that would be our turning back point.

As we approached the 4 hour mark, we started to look for exits heading towards the beach to get away from civilization. We got to a somewhat disappointing beach however we could see something off the shore to the west, it looked like an island which we deemed as our last chance for the discovery we were looking for. So we continued...

There's no way to make the crossing without a 4x4, so just be warned. Once we arrived at the front side of the island, we could see a few local wooden fishing boats however not much else was in sight. Few unfinished/abandoned houses on the east side of the island but once we reached the west-most peak of the island, we had grins from ear to ear. There was just a satisfaction from finding something that we were looking for but had no idea actually existed.

The setting was perfect, absolutely flawless weather, low tide, no wind, with that said we started exploring the rock formations, finding jaw dropping caves in the cliffs, mini islands off shore, amazing kayaking potential & even a bit of snorkelling.

Yes it was a drive & a half, but it was well worth it after seeing those views. We could've definitely spend a night under the stars, camping & BBQing but we left that for next time.

Don't know how to spend your weekend? Take a drive, pretend you don't know where you're headed & head towards Shweihat Island.

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