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Malaysia & It's Brown Eagle called Langkawi...

Booking my trip to Langkawi in Malaysia came after a little bit of research that actually did not help. Some articles & reviews were full of mixed emotions, from happy to disappointed, amazed to slightly angry. I wasn't convinced but what usually makes my mind up are the activities & what can be done at my destination.

When the list constitutes of: - Jungles

- Jet ski Island hopping

- Kayaking in mangroves

- Hiking

- Zip lining

- Snorkelling

- Nature walks

- Water sports

The choice pretty easy & I did not come to regret my decision. My trip made me realise that everyone has their own opinion & taste but really made me wonder how anybody could come to such a negative conclusion on such a beautiful destination.

The people are extremely friendly to all tourists. In many places some locals are nice to you just for tips but in Malaysia & specifically Langkawi that was not the case. The Malaysian people just want to talk, share stories, share their history & knowledge on the nature that surrounds them, it was actually quite refreshing.

Yes it may have been a bit humid but its hard to stay indoors when you're surrounded by nature with it's millions shades of green, the crazy monkeys running around everywhere on the island & the brown eagles flying above our heads.

Just remember keep your bags and belongings closely attached to your body, the naughty brown monkeys are known to snatch up food or anything they can get their hands on!

More to come on my trip...! Stay tuned

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