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Marbella & Her Costa del Sol - Spain

It had a been a couple years since I had been home.

I've come to realize the experiences you go through in life changes a place, making you see the same place with different eyes. Marbella has always been THE place where I call home. Spending over 15+ years of your childhood in a place will do that to you.

I always thought that one builds an attachment to people and not places. Boy, was I wrong. I led myself to believe that you can't replace people but can always find another beach, another mountain, another park, another mall & another location. I can safely say that there are no two places on earth that are one and the same, just like how there are no 2 same people on this planet.

Until this exact trip I never acknowledged how fast pace my life has become, speeding from one place to another, work, office, clients, friends, family, appointments, dinner plans, specific times for specific things, the need to be at the gym at 20:00, the need to have dinner not too late but still trying to fit in XYZ...

Marbella is the complete opposite, it has a calming effect, the feeling I don't even get when I go on holiday to a new destination.

When you arrive to a new destination you have places you want to visit, timings to adhere to, excursions/tours/activities that you want to do and need to be done at specific times. Even hotels have specific times you can have breakfast & specific times dinner starts, essentially removing the freedom that you seek going on holiday in the first place.

In Marbella, I don't feel any of that, maybe because I choose not to, but mostly because it is home.

Want to relax, enjoy friendly spanish people & their culture, good food, good weather, nice beaches, not the best, but nice & just an overall change to the hustle and bustle of a city life? Go to Marbs!

I had guests this summer & therefore got to do some of the tourist stuff I hadn't done in years. Here's a few:

- La Concha Hike: Outdoor, Protected National Park. Many different hiking trails with different difficulties from 30mins light walk to 3+ hours hike up the side of Marbella's most famous mountain, La Concha to the view point known as Cruz de Juanar.

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- Tarifa Beaches: The coast where the Mediterranean sea meets the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, heaven on earth for wind & kite surfers.

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- Puerto Banus @ Night: The Ibiza of the south. From great restaurants, to bars & clubs and whatever tickles your fancy.

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- Local Markets: Tired of the made in china stuff & want to buy souvenirs and little things from local pop-up shops, the street markets are the place to go.

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- Old Marbella Town: Authentic little local restaurants, to have the best churros in town, a little walk around the old fashioned architecture will most definitely get you that old rustic photograph, instagrammable pic you want.

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- Beach Chiringuitos (Little Beach Restaurants): Best fried fish in town at any chiringuito on the beach. The paella is always to die for.

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- Visiting Ronda: Another old town about 1 hour drive up the mountain. The route is very scenenic and filled with lots of green and pit stops for you to stop and admire the view. Ronda has iconic restaurants on the cliff side where you eat your food literally on the edge of the cliff side.


- Cuevas de Nerja (Caves of Nerja): These caves are world famous and musical concerts actually take place within these caves because of the astonishing acoustics. Gorgeous stalactites and stalagmites deeping down inside the earth.

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