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Not a bad life in Vancouver, ey...

This was my first time crossing over to the West side of Canada, as a kid, I spent most of my time on the East side of Canada specifically Montreal in Quebec. Going to British Columbia & Alberta I had already seen so much already through pictures, documentaries, videos etc... so my expectations had already been set pretty high, especially being a nature lover, this was my haven.

You know what they say right? Well its true, us Canadians are actually that nice, but this side of Canada seemed like they were on some happy pills or something because it had been a very long time, if ever, since I had experienced such niceness. Simply put, on another level.

When greeting people the majority of the world says "Hi, how are you", and regardless of the answer they just continue on, the person asking doesn't really care about the answer let alone listen to it. I wont deny, I do it too sometimes. But in Canada, they care, or at least they are damn good at making you feel like they do. They do so not expecting anything in return (like a $tip) unlike the neighbors down south!

Before departing on a long road trip, I got to spend a few days in Vancouver. Exploring as much as possible, from the shopping streets, filled with the touristy "I love Canada" gear to the typical Canadian supermarkets with the Canadian products, to the beautiful parks around, the multi-cultural atmosphere and the water at the harbor & bay. It was just great to be back in Canada.

Here are a few of the things I did in Vancouver and recommend:

- Capilano River Regional Park: We visited a well known regional park called Capilano River Regional Park on the edge of Northwest Vancouver. Crossing a suspension bridge, walking around the tree tops & the sky walk is a must on the list of Vancouver Attractions & naturally thrilling.

- Grandville Island/Market: The Grandville Island Public Market is the jewel in the Island's crown. An indoor market featuring a fascinating assortment of colorful food and produce stores.

- Window shopping on Robson Street: The city’s best-known shopping precinct, Robson Street is a must-stroll for all. One of Vancouver’s oldest commercial streets & it does not disappoint.

- Canada Place: An iconic landmark and venue for world-class events and inspirational Canadian experiences

- Food scene was surprisingly impressive:

--- Cora: Canadian Breakfast Place

--- Mahony | Burrard Landing: Typical Pub but with great Fish & Chips

--- Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House: Seafood was absolutely divine & high quality

---Many more but I just can't remember each place we went to---

Little did I know that over the next 10 days, my expectations were about to be met & then some. Vancouver was just the warm up for the rest of the trip...

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