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The Great Mauritian People & Their Island

Landing in Mauritius at sunset, made it inevitable that the long drive to the hotel would be dark & uneventful, but to our surprise there was a fire spectacle going on at almost every few km's.

It was sugarcane season and this was the time when you could see whole fields up in flames being burnt so that the dried stems and leafs are removed giving space to the new. Not being familiar with the process I had to check with the driver what the heck was going on. There was such beauty to this madness.

The people of Mauritius are positively one if not THE friendliest bunch of natives I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Whether it was the local people at the airport, the drivers, the hotel personnel, the local people we met in the village or even the fishermen. Everyone had their own story to tell & history to recount in their own attempt to just give us the slightest knowledge about the island & its residents.

Like many islands now, the main source for the economy is tourism. Locals may seem to try to take advantage of that by setting the prices for guides & boat rides pretty high but they are always willing to negotiate so get to haggling!

A few note worthy places & activities to do whilst in Mauritius would have to be:

- Visit the Ile aux Cerfs (boats & tours were easily available)

- Blue Bay Marine Park (Snorkelling heaven)

- Grand River South East Waterfall

- La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park (Fun activities, zip lining, quad biking, hiking, nepalese bridge crossing)

As much as there is to do, don't forget to just relax at your hotel & enjoy the beaches, cooking with that tanning oil on.

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